Posted on February 8, 2014

You know you are a German living in London if….

Current Affairs/ Romantique

German living in London Romantique

You are over the moon when you stumble across a German bakery that serves full-rye-sourdough-sunflower-pumpkinseed-whole-grain-bread! Bliss.

Kamps Bakery HIgh Street Kensigton

You shop at Lidl and Aldi, usingyour own plastic shopping bags and you always have a £1 coin ready for the trolley.

You count yourself lucky if you find a flat in London that doesn’t have damp walls and rats, so you put up with extortionate rent, single glazed windows and paper thin walls. Hearing your neighbours coughing and sneezing is standard!

You find out that British food is better than it’s reputation, thanks to globalisation.

Romantique Borough Market

You are considered “rude” if you tell your colleague honestly her new hair cut is not amazing. Next time, tell her it’s “lovely”.

You get sympathetic looks when you don’t order alcohol in a pub because everyone automatically assumes you’re a recovering alcoholic. (In Britain, there’s no other reason NOT to order alcohol).

You get frustrated at not having 5 recycling bins.

German recycling trash cans

You are shocked having to find out that people have to PAY for dental treatment!

You sizzle yourself in Spanish midday heat on holiday to stock up on sunshine. Who knows when you’ll see it again?!

You look overdressed in winter!

 British girls in winter

You are snapped up in the job market, as you likely have completed 4 year masters vocational training to be a builder, hairdresser, baker, secretary or plumber.

You have to explain what a fluff shaver is. No, it’s not a jumper massager!

lint shaver

You prefer Nutella on toast to Full English breakfast!

british breakast and German Nutella

You get admiring looks when you tell people you’re from Berlin, the Londoners’ favourite city on the continent!

berlin fashion dolls

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  • Reply Chrissabella February 8, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    Hahah toller Post! Hab mich auch sehr ueber den neu eroeffneten Kamps gefreut und das mit dem “im Winter overdressed sein” kenne ich auch sehr gut 🙂

    Muss aber sagen, so ab und zu ist so ein Englisch Breakfast gar nicht schlecht 🙂

    Schoene Gruesse,

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