Posted on August 14, 2013

Y by Yves Saint Laurent is a classic example of timeless perfumery

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa


“Grandma”, “Old Lady” – I’m so tired about such references. Scents definately belong to certain time periods, representing the current style and can smell “dated”, no doubt about it. But a good perfume is timeless and “Y” is exactly that!

Y is a classic example of timeless perfumery from 1964 – green, aldehydic,mossy, animalic, a chypre in all its glory. And if your grandma smells like this, God Bless her, she has excellent taste!


Y starts as a slightly heavy oakmoss chypre (just like Chanel No 19 actually) but brightens quickly to an enchanting green floral heart. It literally blooms on your skin, truly breathtaking in it’s beauty. You either like it or you don’t, you’ll either wear it or you won’t.


Y makes me think of an intellectual yet coquettish Parisian lady of the mid 1960s on a rainy evening, impeccably dressed in Yves Saint Laurent, dining gracefully at Maxim’s effortlessly engaging in conversations about politics, art and literature dazzling her male companions with both her looks and personality. For me, Y fits both the costume with high heels, a suit with brogues, to skinny jeans by J brand with Converse, as well as with chinos and Chelsea boots – Chapeau Monsieur Saint Laurent!

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