Posted on January 16, 2014

What to wear with knobbly or saggy Knees?

Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe


Since I’m 40 I want to tighten up my knees because I just don’t like how they look: unattractive! I’m a knee-hater and specifically gripe about the skin, the bumps and the lines that loose skin can make. I think permanently people’s eyes go to my knees all the time. That’s why I wear skirts or dresses very rare in Winter saison and never in Summer.


I and many women are concerned about excess fatty tissue in their knees. Other want to rid themselves of sagging skin around knees and thighs. Causes are multifactorial – Genetics, diet and lifestyle certainly play a role. So, what to wear with knobbly or saggy knees? Only longer skirts or black matt tights with shorter skirts can camouflage these seemingly imperfections.


In conclusion: our knees, in particular, allow us to run, jump, climb, squat and move throughout our days. Without them, we would be in serious trouble. So, before condemning your knees for the way they look, send them some gratitude. Some good loving.

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