Posted on October 24, 2013

What to wear to the Gym?

Rebel Alexa


What to wear to the gym? What gym outfit works best with your bodyshape? Just because you’re trying to lose weight doesn’t mean you should lose your fashion sense and it’s important to feel good when you start a new training. Do you find also that, the whole sports clothes made of high tech materials are all practical and useful but no one looks good in stuff from Nike or whomever.

How about this, let’s imitate Marilyn Monoroe’s gym look because it’s simple, sexy and unique. You need just two uncomplicated pieces from your wardrobe:


A LEVIS Boyfriend cut to roll up and a Bra made of terry. Trainers or something similar you don’t need because you simply go casually barefoot. What a about hair and make up? You should wearing red carpet hair and make-up feeling and I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressive powerful in the gym and no other woman has the same style.


Let’s start with the training!

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