Posted on November 3, 2013

What men think about Pamela Anderson’s Pixi Hairstyle

Rebel Alexa


I never thought I would say this about Pamela, but she looks freaking amazing. The new pixi haircut really looks good on her, and I dig the skirt and bag!

Makes me want to cut mine all off again…only I have more wrinkles than Pam…and am not so skinny anymore…boohoo…she looks amazing though!!


What do men think about Pamela Anderson’s new Pixi hairstyle?
I asked my boyfriend and he said:
“I think she looks younger! The big wavy hairdo is very dated – she’s so much prettier without all the hair, makeup and skin.”

+++ Blog Update from Romantique +++


Naturally,  I was itching to ask Mr Romantique for his opinion on Pammy’s new hairstyle. It’s quite interesting as it’s quite the opposite of Mr Rebel:


“I liked the long, big hair better. She looks masculine and old now.”


Aha! Maybe we can explain this difference in opinion with the fact that Mr Romantique is quite the traditionalist: He likes women to be feminine, wearing skirts with long flowing hair. Mr Rebel is quite at ease with strong bold women not afraid to show their personality with a drastic haircut!


A very sophisticated look! Well done Pamela! LOVE IT!

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