Posted on September 8, 2012

What men think about 2012 fashion trends

Romantique/ Wardrobe

As women, we should wear whatever we like and feel comfortable in. However, I’m sure we all have been in a situation in which a partner made a questionable remark which made us rethink our outfit. In general, men seem to love anything feminine and don’t like us wearing anything masculine (think boyfriend blazer, pronounced shoulders, anything lose fitting).

Here’s  a list of my  favourite 2012  fashion trends and what Mr Romantique  thinks of them (as a typical boy, we can count him as being representative of a lot of men).

  • Peplum (above) : There is just no escape from peplums: Seen on dresses, pencil skirts, leather jackets in an array of different fabrics. Men’s opinion: Is this a dress for waitresses  so their skirt doesn’t get dirty? Errrr no! I love peplum and will definitely wear it this season.  The trick with peplums is to choose a figure hugging one, not one that stands out too much and could look comical.

  • Lace: Lace is delicate and feminine, of course it’s a favourite with men. I always make sure the lace is underlined, otherwise it can look like granny’s curtains quickly. My top is from Max & Co.

  • Peter Pan collar: Apparently, I look like a little French school boy when I wear peter pan collared tops. I happily ignore this odd comment, there’s nothing as girly as Peter Pan dresses and tops!


Cork wedges: How gorge are the above YSL cork shoes? Men asked whether I wanted to deck  my patio with the cork……boys really  have no clue!

  • Florals: Men love florals, saying they are “cute and feminine”. And they are right, you can never go wrong with a floral dress in a classic shape. The above pencil dress with floral print is from Dolce & gabbana SS 2012.

  • Monochrome dots: Whether it’s my black and white dotty silk scarf  or my 60s dotty shift dress from Max & Co, dots are Mr Romantique’s favourite. It’s not uncommon for him to ask when I will be   wearing the “dotty dress” again. Bingo, big graphic dots are a men’s favourite.

  • Baby doll shaped coat/dresses/tops: How cute is this Bon Ton / Baby doll coat from Stefanel AW 2012? I love the baby doll /empire shape with the raised waist line under the bust   and flowing skirt. It’s so girly and looks cute with cropped pants, pencil skirts, puffy skirts, jeans, the list goes on. Mr Romantique thinks it hides my figure and makes me look fat. Pffffft what does he know? I’m not missing out on this versatile classic, all I have to decide now is which colour to get! Navy, creme, camel or black?

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