Posted on October 2, 2011

What makes us happy?

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A recent survey carried out in Europe looked at how happy people are compared by country, and also how much each factor contributes to our overall happiness.

The definition of happiness is difficult. German Professor Rüschelhausen thinks these are the four  ingredients:

1. Health
2. Conviviality
3. Money
4. Genetics (in the sense of Mentality)

So does money solve all worries?  Only to a certain extent, according to Prof Rüschelhausen. The happiness satiety stops at 5,000€ net monthly, from there onwards money doesn’t make a difference.

If its not money, what us makes happy? Children? No, children are neutral and don’t contribute to feeling happy.

And marriage? Certainly makes us happy. People living in an intact relationship are happier than people who are single, widowed and divorced without new partner. But the most happiest are widowed people with a new partner, which makes us realise that the death of a loved can have a positive side to it as well.

I found this fact surprising: People in unmarried relationships are happier than the ones in married relationships! Maybe that’s the reason Brangelina haven’t tied the knot yet after 6 children and 6 years  together. Good on them!

We are at our happiest between 20-30 years old and again from 65-70. In between we are stressed out by too much work, too much ambition and not enough calmness.

So we can conclude: Let’s hang in there, age does bring calmness, wisdom and happiness.

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