Posted on January 2, 2013

Ways to wear a cashmere scarf

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Did you know that there are 80 ways to wear a cashmere Pashmina scarf? Me neither, but when I walked into the Pashmina Shop in Berlin at the Quartier 205 near the iconic Galeries Lafayette, the sales assistant draped the scarfs around my neck in ways I never ever thought of and it really looked good! I was quite impressed and will definitely use a few of the tricks she showed me.

Check out the shop’s video about 25 ways to wear a Pashmina scarf.

Above: I’m wearing a pink-cream and beige cashmere scarf (draped in the classic twist), navy blue duffle coat from Bogner and woolen hat from Missoni.

Here I am wearing a cream, milk coffee brown and light pink Leopard printed  pashmina scarf  in “Colombo” style. Pashmina scarfs are mostly made of cashmere and silk, so I you want to buy a good quality one, make sure to check the composition of the fabric (the term “pashmina” fabric is often used by sales man to mask the fact that the scarf doesn’t even contain cashmere).

The above cashmere scarf  in dégradée colours is printed with the eiffel tower, coffee mugs and beaucop de l’amour – needless to say I had to heave it.

Spoilt for choice: Stars, dots and babuschka dolls prints


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