Posted on January 9, 2012

Travel in style for a 24 hour flight



Never wear a track suit, like I often see on long haul flights! Especially singles should bear in mind what Coco Chanel once famously said: Always dress nicely as you could meet “the one” anywhere – on a flight, in the supermarket, in a coffee shop, at the library.

I’m not single but still feel more confident when well dressed. Comfy doesn’t mean slobby! On my flight from Sydney to London via Seoul, Korea I wore a long sleeved shirt marinière and long pastel pink trousers to warm up against the cold air conditioning. And don’t forget the compression socks on long haul flights to prevent swollen ankles!

Skilled globetrotter Helena Christensen travels in style – flat ballet pumps and a flowing, comfy skirt

Me at Seoul airport. Asian airports are a festival of high end designer brand shops lined up next to each other.

Louis Vuitton’s literal take on arm candy.

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