Posted on October 28, 2012

The Trophy Investment Coat

Coats/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Like no other clothing item, the coat has the power to transform us. Its secret is simple; it consists of more fabric and covers up most garments. In other words,  it is the perfect moderator.

Women who have short legs can wear a high waisted coat – and instantly resemble a long legged runway model. Someone who is strongly built around the legs and hips but has a petite upper body can wear a coat with an A-Line shape. A coat can compensate for most body shape imbalances.

You should never be a penny pincher  when buying a coat – after all, it’ll last longer than any T-Shirt or a flimsy dress and because you’ll wear it more often, it is more visible. A  quality coat crafted with premium materials can last you a decade.   Go for classics like wool or cashmere in staple colours like  navy, grey or black.

Above and below: I’m wearing a Miu Miu salt and pepper coat with chain detail in the back. It’s classic shape can be worn with dresses or trousers and jeans. It’s made of pure wool.

I’m wearing Miu Miu coat, heeled moccasins and black leather bag.

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