Posted on November 8, 2013

The mystery of Diane Kruger’s Street Style



Diane Kruger is beautiful and awesome and all that but what’s the mystery of Diane Kruger’s Street Style? She is German and has the infamous sense of style of French women. Like French women, she mastered the art of dressing as if she does not care about fashion at all! Diane Kruger’s fashion secrets are nothing more than the fashion rules of French women. And these are:

1.) French women are effortless,  they go for clashes, combine a feminine dress with a parka, jeans with a tuxedo blazer or a mini with biker boots.

2.) For French women, less is more, they are wearing less makeup and have perfectly mastered the art of the nude looks. They do not wear big hairstyles, but let they hair down, parted in the middle to fall over their shoulder.

3.)  French women do not serve stereotypes, with short skirts, big hair and plunging necklines.

4.) Instead, french women play with androgyny, wearing men’s trousers paired with kick ass heels without betraying the whole emancipation.

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