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Posted on August 14, 2011

Not only Tennis in Wimbledon

Romantique/ Travel

A few days each year Wimbledon is the centre of the sports world with all celebs, politicians and Ben next door flocking to the tennis courts to see Andy Murray et Al battling it out. I’m not too interested in Tennis myself but I love listening to Boris Becker who is commentating the games each year on English TV.  His awkward jokes are hilarious!

But beside the hustle and bustle of the Tennis world,  there is also another side to it: Wimbledon is an idyllic part of London with a villagy character. Beautifully kept Pubs and Restaurants with plenty of outdoor space  invite you to a cold cider on a sunny day or take a riding lesson and gallop in Wimbledon Park.

Below: Hommage to Rebel


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