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Posted on July 7, 2011

Le Style Parisienne

Romantique/ Wardrobe

After having read Ines de la Fressange’s style guide on Parisian chic, I was eager to find out what Parisian style is really like on the streets.

Here are my observations:

·         90% of Parisians wear ballet shoes, the rest flat, open sandals or moccasins (no 12 cm plateau high heels that are so popular in London!)

·         Their make-up and hair is made up ‘au naturel’

·         Parisiennes braved the heat with jumpsuits, dainty, flowing silk dresses (never too short, never too much cleavage. You show either legs or a bit of cleavage, never both)

·         Their favourite accessory is NOT the mobile phone. Unfortunately it has become a common sight to see girls constantly playing with their mobile devices, however this did not strike me as much in Paris

To summarise:  Timeless, effortless elegance equals style a la Parisienne which matches Ines style guide advice.

Below are some photo impressions that I captured on the Parisian streets, and in the shops (great boutique in Rue Scribe)


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