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Posted on August 25, 2011

Dirndl rock!

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Where I come from in Germany (Berlin), people would laugh at me for wearing a Dirndl in public, assuming I’m attending a fancy dress party.  The Dirndl is a traditional dress that has got it’s roots in rural areas of Southern Germany and in the Alpes of Austria and Switzerland. In recent years however, the Dirndl has become hugely popular, even for tourists to wear at the Oktoberfest.

I love the Dirndl for being so hugely flattering to a woman’s figure: Emphasizing the bust, nipped in waist, flared skirt.  These days, modern Dirndls come in all sorts of shapes, colours, lengths and materials.

Evening Dirndls are hand made out of finest fabrics such as silk, tafetta, brocade and can cost up to 1,000 Euros.

“Wash Dirndls” (like the one I am wearing in the picture) can be washed in the washing machine and you can get them for under 50 EUR. They are great if you just want to wear a Dirndl once, for example at the October Fest.

The Munich sister Duo Marie Darouiche and Rahmee Wetterich design very unique Dirndls: African prints used on the traditional Bavarian cut. The sisters grew up in Cameroun and their love for Africa and details  is epitomised in their beautiful designs. The fabrics are sourced from Paris, Africa and Bavaria. The pics speak for themselves, have a browse on their website where you can shop for Dirndls are even have one made to measure:

Triumph launched this “Dirndl bra” = A Balconette shaped bra complete with a spotted, lacy Dirndl Blouse to wear underneath your Dirndl.

Our girl Claudia in a traditional Bavarian dress

Salma Hayek looks great!

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