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Posted on December 14, 2014

Marie-Antoinette’s Favourite Colour

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London Streetstyle peter pan collared dress burgundy puce

Marie-Antoinette, France’s last queen and symbol for the excess of the monarchy, had a favourite colour: She loved to wear reddish brown tafetta dresses with purple shimmer, known as “puce”. This Christmas, French mustard brand Maille pays hommage to the gorgeously decadent colour with a special edition of one of their top end mustards. A true food lover’s delight, this mustard contains black truffle and Chablis wine. Dot this over steak, enjoy with cheese, spread on a brioche, or mix in with a creamy risotto…yum!!

maille les délices de la reine My dad is a passionate hobby chef, which makes Maille’s high-end mustard a perfect Christmas gift for him. Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, so this makes a nice change to the perennial scarf, jumper or perfume. The heavy stone ware pot can be refilled in Maille boutiques around the world. I got this personalised in the London boutique with my dad’s initials – a lovely, personal touch.

Due to my colouring, puce and auburn-y colours are difficult for me to pull off. The dress I am wearing is brightened with a crisp white Peter Pan collar, an accessory I’ve loved for years, even before it was popularised by Alexa Chung.

London Streetstyle peter pan collared dress burgundy puce

Happy holidays!

London Streetstyle peter pan collared dress burgundy puce

I am wearing:

  • Dress in puce by Max & Co
  • Bronze shoes by Max & Co
  • Black doctor handbag by Prada
  • Sunglassses by Prada


Marie-Antoinette in her puce dress

Marie-Antoinette in her puce coloured dress

London street style Prada doctor's bag

Disclaimer: I have links to the Maille brand in my current job

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