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Posted on October 27, 2011

Italian Penny Loafer Heels

Romantique/ Shoes

If you like comfortable shoes, there must be a life beyond Pretty Ballerinas. And there is!  I’m not a high heel fan but I love Penny Loafer Heels, this autumn’s hottest trend.  From the front they look like loafers or moccasins, at the back a solid stacked heel  makes walking on heels child’s play.

My shoes are from Objects in Mirror – an Italian design brand, made in the shoe making region of Le Marche in Italy. Only high-quality leather such soft lambskin nappa or fine calfskin nappa is used for their high qualitycrafted shoes. Designer Daniele Pezzola already worked on shoe lines such as Roberto del Carlo, Moma and Hugo.

Wear neutral shaded loafer heels with coloured tights, combine it simply with basics, e.g. a classic shift dress (like me in the pic) or with socks for a cute girlish look.


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