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Posted on June 30, 2013

Fashion Gardening

Decor/ Rebel Alexa


Purple fields as far as the eye can see. Lavender that smells heady like the ironing water of grandma. For me, that’s a piece of the South of France.

If you like the French Savoir Vivre Lifestyle and the nature of the South like me, than it’s simple to bring a little France into your garden or balcony at home., where ever you are. You need three things: decorative flower pots, plant soil and lavender.


Saturday morning: I’m at the garden center, shopping for 17 of perennials lavender. The distinctive scent of lavender is strongest in the heart of summer, from mid-June to early August.  I’m wearing a leopard printed Coat by ZARA.


Preparations: I had many pots to clean with the water hose and scrub with a brush before starting planting the lavender.


I  gardened in French espadrilles with the classical breton mariniere design.


The final result: Blue glossy ceramic flower pots planted with lavender in front of my house. My piece of French lavender farms in nordic Hamburg.

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