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Posted on March 7, 2014

The fake Parisian : 5 Style Staples of Diane Krueger

Diane in a flouncy dress, socks and oxford lace-ups

Diane in a flouncy dress, socks and oxford lace-ups

What is a fake Parisian I hear you ask. Well, a fake Parisian is a woman not indigenous to France, who is representing the chic and natural style of France even better than French women do. Diane Krueger, born and raised in Germany and living in Paris, epitomises this casual French chic. I think she’s the best dressed celebrity out there!

Her look is diverse and ranges from innocent Peter-Pan-collared 50s dresses to fierce rock chic outfits complete with distressed denim and high-heels. She is a never-ending inspiration on how to do effortless chic and one of the very few actresses who looks elegant not only on the red carpet, but off-duty.

Her look can be boiled down to 5 ever-recurring basics:


  Diane Kruger pink skinny Jeans

1. The Pink Skinny Jeans – Diane is a master of clashes. She loves clashing romance with Rebel, tailored with voluminous. And in this fashion, she pairs tight-fitting skinny jeans with a casual Leopard shirt, Breton shirt and grey comfy top.

   Diane Kruger 50s style staple

2. The 50s French Coquette style – The above outfits are my favourite on Diane. The 50s style dress  – fitted at the top with a   flared, knee-length skirt, is so flattering and feminine on her. The cherry on the top is the beret and the Peter Pan collar on the monochrome Chanel dress.  Love!

Diane Kruger Breton style staple

3.  The Breton Shirt – also known as the shirt Mariniere, is a stripey classic. Diane makes this style look young and fresh by pairing it with used denim and high-heeled sandals. She rocks the stripes  as a cropped top combined with a midi-length skirt or Ali Baba trousers. Classic with a twist done to perfection!

Diane Kruger Hermes constance bag style staple

4. The Hermes “Constance” Bag – the cute little cross body bag is quintessential French. Diane herself said she doesn’t like splashing out lots of money for fashion and it took her 6  years to pluck up the courage to buy this iconic but pricey bag.

Diane Kruger straw hats style staple

5. The straw hat: Rather than banning this cute accessories to the beach, Diane rocks this during the daytime in the city. Like the little straw bag, this is becoming a new summer classic fast!

“The French woman is sufficient, she dresses classically with a twist. She takes less care of herself compared to her American counterpart. American women are impeccable, the French strong point is their casual appearance. The fact she likes fashion and beautiful clothes doesn’t make her a frivolous person, they are part of her heritage and culture”.

Odile Gilbert, Studio Hairdresser. Taken from the book “Parisian Street Style –A guide to effortless Chic” by Isabelle Thomas & Frederique Veysset.

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