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Posted on December 20, 2013

Best of Gourmand Perfumes

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Gourmand Perfumes

Gourmand Perfumes are powdery and contain notes of vanilla, cinnamon, almond and fruit like apples or raspberries. Everything that can be eaten and is delicious! One of the first  Gourmand perfume on the market was Angel. Thierry Mugler asked the perfumers to create the scent of an innocent childhood memory at the fair with notes of cotton candy, vanilla, caramel and chocolate.

While I love Angel on others (Mr Romantique uses A*man), I don’t like it on myself. Despite not loving the epitome of this perfume genre, I  absolutely adore gourmand aromas and have compiled a list of  my top 5 perfumes of succulent smells below in the hope to inspire you!


5. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy has powdery, fruity, citrussy and floral notes. For me it’s a not a 100% gourmand perfume as the florals are dominating. However, it’s a nice hybrid for someone who doesn’t dare to go full blown sweet.


4. Flowerbomb by Victor and Rolf

The name of this scent is misleading, as flowerbomb exudes more sweet candy notes rather than flowery one. A young and sweet smell!


3.  Aqua Allegoria Pamplemme by Guerlain

A fresh, grown-up and delicious grapefruit scent. Perfect for summer, it really perks me up in the morning.


2. Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

It was a close call between my two favourite and regular perfumes I keep on buying again and again. Signorina  is a relatively new fragrance (launched in 2012), a wonderfully sweet and feminine smell oozing  Pannacotta, patchouli, musk, black current and pink pepper. A heavenly combination!

  signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

1. Candy by Prada

Prada Candy (the original, not the Prada Candy L’eau version”)  is my winner! Prada made the impossible possible by finding the right balance of a strong caramel, chocolate scent that doesn’t appear vulgar or too young. A lady-like, every day staple to complement romantic outfits!


My girl crush, French actress Lea Seydoux, in the commercial for Prada Candy.

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