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Gisele Buendchen

Posted on September 11, 2011

Gisele for Esprit


Unfairly in my opinion, Esprit has got the reputation of a backward, unfashionable brand. Now they company is trying to elevate their image by chosing Gisele Buendchen to embody the brand. Gisele is fresh, natural and elegant which fits perfectly with this years key pieces.

The classic camel cashmere coat Gisele is wearing (made in Italy) with the red collar  is one of the highlights.

I love Esprit for their uncomplicated basics (denim skirts, shorts, T-Shirts) and the brand “Collection” often has really trendy pieces like the below  highlights from this seasons collection:

Espresso coloured polka dot blouse with frilly details. I tried this one on in the shops today and loved it!

Black bouclé skirt with leather frills and matching jacket

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