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Posted on February 3, 2016

Romantique and Rebel Style French Beret

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French Beret Street style London

The fashion sisters are back together in London again! When we brain stormed subjects for a new sisters fashion blog post, we couldn’t wait to show our readers  two different styles on how to wear the classic French beret. Romantique or Rebel, which one are you?


The French beret is back on the fashion scene with a vengeance! It was seen on all catwalks, from Saint Laurent to Gucci. In my opinion, the beret was unfairly underestimated for much too long. It’s such a simple accessory yet receives maximum impact. Women wearing berets looks intelligent as well as cute. But when you’re in your mid forties, do you still want to look like a girly student? Can one be too old for the beret? I don’t think so! The gallic hat is timeless and the secret is all in what you pair the it with.


Gucci lovingly styled the beret girly with ruffles and a pussy bow blouse.  I’m not a girl anymore and don’t want to pretend to be one, so this style is out of the question for me.


On the other hand, the Saint Laurent’s beret runway style has nothing playful or girly about it. The beret stands for confidence and nonchalance – attributes us women over 45+ can relate to easily!

French Beret Street style London

Rebel is wearing: Leopard ankle boots by Neil Barrett, high  waisted skinny jeans “Maria” by J Brand, bomber jacket by Kuyichi, jewel collar by River Island, embellished straw bag by Sicily Bag, beret by Seeberger.


I love the Parisian, classic French Style so a beret is a must-have item in my wardrobe. It’s not a fickle, trendy accessory but a timeless piece that never goes out of style. I own the beret in two colours: In classic navy blue and in orange-red to brighten up darker or monochrome outfits.

I love to pair the beret with classic French pattern such as  Breton sailor stripes or Vichy gingham checks. Add a feminine lace collar et voila, you instantly exude French charm!

red Beret Street Style London

Romantique is wearing: Gingham Vichy trousers by Max & Co. Lace collar shirt by Hallhuber. Beret by Seeberger. Little embellished coffa straw bag by Sicily Bag. Sunglasses by Valentino.

Red Beret Style and Stripey breton shirt

London street style paris cafe red beret

Un café au lait, s’il vous plait!

Posted on April 27, 2014

Happy Blog Birthday! 3 Years of Romantique and Rebel

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3 years ago, we started our fashion blog Romantique and Rebel, borne of our love for  fashion, decor, travel and everything beautiful. It’s been a wonderful journey so far,  during which we’ve been lucky enough to forge friendships with readers, met like-minded people at fashion events and have had endless fun inspiring each other, showcasing our different styles and philosophies.

The last year has been choc full  of life-enriching events,  providing us with a wealth of  inspiration: a wedding for Romantique, travel to Italy, Spain and Australia and even a new job for Rebel. At times, it’s been challenging to update the blog regularly whilst holding down busy jobs and planning a wedding, but the satisfaction of  sharing our passions always prevails.

A huge thanks to all our wonderful readers, Twitter and Instagram followers, and Facebook fans. We love each and everyone of you!

Here’s to a great year ahead!

Enjoy these flashbacks to our most popular posts from the last 12 months.

Romantique and Rebel 3rd Birthday flower-printe-pants-zara

Mixing stripes and floral trousers: Rebel wearing Zara


Romantique honeymooning in the eternal city

Gatti di roma Cats rule the internet: One of our most popular post has been about the cats of Rome, Gatti di Roma

Varsity jacket springbok

Back in August 2013, Rebel was already wearing this years’ biggest trend: The sporty varsity jacket

French weeks, blue white and red outfit As part of our French weeks, we interviewed real Parisians on their style secrets and dressed solely in red, white and blue. Parfait!

Parisian Effortless Chic stripes and pearls

French weeks: Rebel showing us how to do effortless chic a la Parisienne.


Stripey retro look a la Mad Men on the beach.

Check out our Best of Photos on flipagram.

Posted on March 20, 2014

Parisienne Hippie Chic

Accessoires/ Jumpers/ Wardrobe
From the fake Parisian Diane Kruger, whose relaxed and impeccable style continues to impress us, we move over to Bérengère, a real Parisian showing us how to do effortless Hippie Chic.

Bérengère is my lovely colleague here in London, a newly married Parisian from Versailes, living in London’s little France, South Kensington.

Known as “Berry” to the non-French speakers in the office , Bérengère’s  gallic style is epitomised by her skilful mix of high-end fashion with high-street, in her tousled hair style, and in the subtleness of her make-up.

Want to know more about Berry’s style? Read an in depth-interview with her on her fashion secrets here.

Bérengère is wearing:

  • Aztec print poncho-esque cardigan from a shop in Notting Hill ‘Skinny Skimmer’ Jeans from GAP
  • Tan Chelsea Boots from Massimo Dutti
  • Nail varnish from Essie
  • Turquoise ring from Gucci
  • Necklace from Van Cleef

gucci turqouise ring

  Berengere London Street style Aztec poncho
Inside Berry’s cosmetic bag:
  ·        Pivoine Flora Handcreme from L’Occitane
 ·        Exaggerate Eyeliner from Rimmel
 ·        Rouge Caresse Lipstick from Loreal in “Rock ‘n mauve”
Cosmetic Bag Berry
Posted on March 7, 2014

The fake Parisian : 5 Style Staples of Diane Krueger

Diane in a flouncy dress, socks and oxford lace-ups

Diane in a flouncy dress, socks and oxford lace-ups

What is a fake Parisian I hear you ask. Well, a fake Parisian is a woman not indigenous to France, who is representing the chic and natural style of France even better than French women do. Diane Krueger, born and raised in Germany and living in Paris, epitomises this casual French chic. I think she’s the best dressed celebrity out there!

Her look is diverse and ranges from innocent Peter-Pan-collared 50s dresses to fierce rock chic outfits complete with distressed denim and high-heels. She is a never-ending inspiration on how to do effortless chic and one of the very few actresses who looks elegant not only on the red carpet, but off-duty.

Her look can be boiled down to 5 ever-recurring basics:


  Diane Kruger pink skinny Jeans

1. The Pink Skinny Jeans – Diane is a master of clashes. She loves clashing romance with Rebel, tailored with voluminous. And in this fashion, she pairs tight-fitting skinny jeans with a casual Leopard shirt, Breton shirt and grey comfy top.

   Diane Kruger 50s style staple

2. The 50s French Coquette style – The above outfits are my favourite on Diane. The 50s style dress  – fitted at the top with a   flared, knee-length skirt, is so flattering and feminine on her. The cherry on the top is the beret and the Peter Pan collar on the monochrome Chanel dress.  Love!

Diane Kruger Breton style staple

3.  The Breton Shirt – also known as the shirt Mariniere, is a stripey classic. Diane makes this style look young and fresh by pairing it with used denim and high-heeled sandals. She rocks the stripes  as a cropped top combined with a midi-length skirt or Ali Baba trousers. Classic with a twist done to perfection!

Diane Kruger Hermes constance bag style staple

4. The Hermes “Constance” Bag – the cute little cross body bag is quintessential French. Diane herself said she doesn’t like splashing out lots of money for fashion and it took her 6  years to pluck up the courage to buy this iconic but pricey bag.

Diane Kruger straw hats style staple

5. The straw hat: Rather than banning this cute accessories to the beach, Diane rocks this during the daytime in the city. Like the little straw bag, this is becoming a new summer classic fast!

“The French woman is sufficient, she dresses classically with a twist. She takes less care of herself compared to her American counterpart. American women are impeccable, the French strong point is their casual appearance. The fact she likes fashion and beautiful clothes doesn’t make her a frivolous person, they are part of her heritage and culture”.

Odile Gilbert, Studio Hairdresser. Taken from the book “Parisian Street Style –A guide to effortless Chic” by Isabelle Thomas & Frederique Veysset.

Posted on January 15, 2014

The French Way of Live – The Greatest Deception of All?

Current Affairs/ Love & Relationship/ Movie & Books/ Romantique

Marion Cotillard for Dior

In the past two years, I’ve lapped up information on Parisians and their way of life – from fashion style to love lessons:

–  Ines de la Fresange’s French chic – My Style Bible
–  Why French children don’t throw food – How not to raise neurotic and spoilt Anglophone kids
–  What French women know about love and sex – My trusted guide on how to hold your own in a  relationship

Additionally, I interviewed two of my French friends to let our readers in on the “je ne sais quoi” of French women.

The authors of the above books such as Pam Druckerman and Mireille Guiliano (her new book, “Why French women don’t have plastic surgery”, has just been released) have been riding the “French women know it all” wave successfully and even created a new genre of book, the French way of life.

This week, Australian magazine “Women’s weekly” raised the righteous question: “Are French women and culture really that superior in all they do?” After all, obesity rates in France have doubled in the last 15 years. Leading French ladies like Catherine Deneuve have succumbed to the plastic surgeon knife just like their American counterparts. The author who initiated the craze, Mireille Guiliano, admitted herself her books only contain “commonsense” advice (eat small portions and fresh produce only, wash your face before going to bed, take the stairs instead of the lift, etc). Generally accepted knowledge the French haven’t innovated. So is all the Hype around French women a well-marketed scam invented by smart Americans cashing in on the myth?

I say no, naturally.  It is true that France hasn’t entirely resisted the wave of junk food chains that swept the world. However, France as a whole is still the slimmest nation in Europe. The streets of Paris are still dominated by family butchers, bakers and restaurants rather than American food chains. Take Starbucks, for example. While the American coffee chain has most of Europe tightly in its grip, it struggles to make money in the mother country of coffee culture. The French like to “sip and sit”, not carrying paper cups. French bakery chains like Paul’s and Le Pain Quotidien are hugely successful in London, but looked down on as “chains” in their home country.


French icons, surgically enhanced: Carla Bruni, 45, and Catherine Denueve, 70.

French icons, surgically enhanced: Carla Bruni, 45, and Catherine Denueve, 70.


French actresses are not unreceptive to surgery. However, plastic surgery is nowhere near as widespread in France as it is in the US and the extent of the surgery is more natural.

Where do you stand? Have you read any of the French way of life books or do you refuse to believe that the French are God’s gift to the rest of the world? Let us know your thoughts and let’s discuss!

Rebel and myself in two quintessential French styles: Vichy/Gingham and Breton stripes!

Rebel and myself in two quintessential French styles: Vichy/Gingham and Breton stripes!

Posted on July 19, 2013

French Girly Charme: Lea Seydoux

Lea combines a red tartan skirt with a black leather jacket - love this look!

Lea combines a red tartan dress with a black leather jacket – a cute, age appropriate look


If you are wondering who on earth Lea Sedoux is,  just think of the Prada Candy ad! The Lady with the fringe and the long blond hair in the macaron pink dress is the perfect fit for one of my favourite perfumes, the sweet gourmand scent Candy. Lea also starred in movies such as “Midnight in Paris” with Marion Cotillard and Mission Impossible.

Miuccia Prada says of Lea, 28: “She could be wearing lots of jewelry and a crocodile jacket, but she has something very natural about her.”

Lea Sedoux personifies to me what is known as French chic:  The tousled hair, minimalistic make-up, natural charme, without being too done, too manicured, too styled.

Get inspired by Lea Sedoux natural seduction!

Looking summery and cute in a 50s floral dress by Dolce & Gabbana at Cannes 2013

Looking summery and cute in a 50s floral dress by Dolce & Gabbana at Cannes 2013


No French style without the iconic gingham vichy style. Lea is wearing a blue gingham dress by Miu Miu 2010.

No French style without the iconic gingham vichy style. Lea is wearing a blue gingham dress by Miu Miu 2010.

Lea wearing an eternallyl flattering dress: Fitted at the bodice with a flared skirt by Prada.

The eternallyl flattering dress: Fitted at the bodice with a flared skirt by Prada.

Turning up the girly charm in a flared  pink Louis Vuitton dress with puff sleeves and black contrast belt - parfait!

Turning up the girly charm in a flared pink Louis Vuitton dress with puff sleeves and black contrast belt – parfait!

A dream for all Romantiques: Broderie anglaise blouse and embellished shirt by Prada 2012.

A dream for all Romantiques: Broderie anglaise blouse and embellished shirt by Prada 2012.

Keeping warm in a grey oversized coat and nougat coloured boots

Keeping warm in a grey oversized coat and nougat coloured boots

Lea in the famous Prada Candy ad

Lea in the famous Prada Candy ad


Posted on June 9, 2013

Chic in Red, Blue and White

Romantique/ Shirts/ Skirts/ Wardrobe
red sunglasses

Blue polka dot blouse from Van Laack, lace style belt with jewel heart from Moschino, white pencil skirt from H&M.

To fit in with our French theme this week, I dressed in the colours of the french flag: Blue, white and red.  In the 18th century, French sympathizers with the cause of liberty raised a tri-coloured flag of blue, white and red. These have become the emblematic colours of that century’s two great revolutions: The American war of Independence and the French revolution. While the United States adopted the demonstrative design of stars and stripes, the French, with Cartesian simplicity, opted for three equal vertical panels.

These hues also happen to be the colours of the nautical Breton style! But rather than stripes, today I felt in the mood for a blue polka dot shirt and the ever so slimming pencil skirt in summery broderie anglaise fabric. Completed with navy mini wedge espadrilles from RAS and the little straw bag from Misako.

The blouse (from van Laack)  is a bit too big so I casually knotted it and also tried the combination of clenching it in with a belt to give it more shape.

Red Versace sunglasses and van Laack shirt

Thanks to Rebel’s suggestion, I bought these red Versace wayfarer sunglasses and I am absolutely in love with them. At first I thought they are too flashy and not my style, but I’m surprised that they fit with lots of outfits. Great accessories can really make or break a look.  Read Rebel’s post on red sunglasses here.

Sunglasses red Versace

White charm bracelet with little knives and spoons from Les Nereides

White pencil skirt H&M, blue polka dot blouse

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