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Posted on March 15, 2016

My Burberry Heart Scarf or how to recognise a fake

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Burberry heart scarf

In London, wearing my Burberry scarf and Sicily Bag

Burberry is a remarkable British success story, especially as the tale possesses all the elements of a true drama: Fallen from grace, only to then re-emerge stronger like a phoenix out of the ashes:

In the early 2000s, Burberry’s image started to rapidly fall  due to a lower price strategy, counterfeit goods and it’s association with hooligan and “chav”, low class culture.

New CEO Angela Ahrend and Christopher bailey, Chief creative officer,  were appointed in 2006 to turn around Britain’s most recognisable, ailing brand. They re-invented the brand by concentrating on the core strengh: The outerwear, including the iconic trench coat. By shaking up the company through a new vision, leadership changes and factory closures, Angela faced a lot of adversity but stood by her vision and managed to turn the company’s fortunes around.

After living in the UK for more than 11 years, I decided that its time to treat myself to one of Burberry’s iconic basics: The checked scarf. Rebel invested in a trench coat and scarf back in 1998 (!!!!), and she still wears both today as they are in mint condition!

After spotting the GORGEOUS giant check scarfs with adorable heart design, I knew I had to have one! It’s basically a Romantique version of the classic tartan scarf. The price tag of 395 GBP seemed prohibitive so I had the ingenious idea to browse Ebay and scout myself a bargain. After some searching and bidding, I was thrilled to win an auction for the scarf  for half of the retail price.

After a few days, I received the scarf (see below) and whilst I was ecstatic at first, I  noticed a few irregularities which raised doubts in mind as to whether this was a genuine Burberry article. Making the most of my lunch break, I trapsed over to Burberry’s flagship store in Regent Street, London,  where to my horror, my doubts where confirmed; the manager telling me that despite it being one of the best replicas she’s yet seen, that the scarf was indeed a counterfeit. I have to say that the professionalism shown by this lady impressed me; she took the time to point out the main differences between my replica scarf and the real deal:

Spot the's the one on the left. Note the replica is more tan hued, not camel/beige

Spot the fake…it’s the one on the left. Note the replica is more tan hued, not camel/beige

  • Material:All Burberry scarves are made of 100% Cashmere. My ebay scarf was soft, it was almost too soft, and it was pilling noticeably, despite being ostensibly brand new. My black skirt was littered with white fuzzy bits. Did this scarf skip quality control? No of course it didn’t. The material is the tell tale sign of authenticity. It has to be of the highest quality. No pilling, no fuzzy graphics, no flimsyness.
  • Packaging:The scarf came in a cardboard roll, embossed with the Burberry knight and adorned by a bow. Whilst this was an elaborate attempt to duplicate the Burberry packaging, the bow wasn’t made of gerbadine (like all Burberry bows) and the two parts of the roll didn’t seem to fit. Again, would Burberry really sell a 400£ scarf and then skimp on ill-fitting packaging with non perfect design? No!
  • Label:When you look online for help on how to spot a replica Burberry product, you will find many tips pointing to the clue which lies in the “R” in “Burberry”. Apparently it has a “rats tail” at the end. I’m not really a caligrapher and didn’t see a difference when I compared the label of my ebay scarf and the real logo. However, if you put the labels side by side, you will see that the genuine label is made of a high quality, textured label. Unlike the replica, it also contains the subline “100% Cashmere” and “made in Scotland”.
  • Hearts: The hearts on my ebay scarf were printed onto the original check design. Holding the scarf against the light, you can see the check pattern shining through the scarf. On the original scarf, the hearts are woven into the fibres of the scarf. They are part of the check design.

fake and genuine burberry scarf

These are just a few of the differences but they are the most glaring ones which hopefully will help my beloved followers spot a counterfeit. My advice is to look at the real thing in the shop, compare and listen to your gut feel. If you are unhappy with the quality of your purchase, more often than not it’s dodgy copy.

Burberry scarf hearts Zurich

Burberry heart scarf fake and genuine print

Look out for designs woven into the scarf, not printed on.

Posted on March 12, 2014

Fashion sisters: One look, two styles. The classic trench coat

Coats/ Rebel Alexa/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

classic trenchcoat burberry fashion sisters

The Trench coat is a non-negotiable wardrobe stable, re-interpreted and worn a million times, I’m sure you have one in your cupboard, too. Rebel and I are no different, we love wearing our trench coats every season, they never look dated.

Rebel: My trench coat is the classic Burberry trench which I bought in London back in 1998! Yes, it’s 14 years old, as good as new and it proves the theory: Buy staples in good quality. If you look after them, they’ll serve you many, many years. For me, the trench is totally fashion forward. From business to casual, from spring to fall, from Hamburg to Sydney – the trench is perfect for any time of the year.

I prefer wearing my trench with skinny jeans on the weekend for a sleek, timeless look.

Romantique: I think everyone should own two trench coats so you don’t wear one out too much. Maybe have a classic one and a trendy one. Or a light coloured one and a black / navy or khaki trench coat.

Like my whole wardrobe, I like the classic cuts with a girly twist. My timeless trench coat gets it girly factor from the playful pleats at the bottom. If you’re like me, look for coats with clean lines and girly details like flounces and ruffles at the hem / sleeves or pleats.

Rebel trench coat look

REBEL is wearing: Burberry trench coat, batik skinny jeans, powder pink blouse and rhinestone sandals by Steve Madden.

Navyblue pleats trench coat Max and co
ROMANTIQUE is wearing: Navy trench coat from Max & Co SS2014. Soft pink bag from Bally, ballet pumps from Rouge bunny Rouge and purple tights from Falke.



Posted on April 22, 2012

The Classic Burberry Trench Coat

Coats/ Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe

A classic lightweight coat and iconic for celebs such as Kate Hepburn, a trench is a must-have for any fashion diva. Trench coats are totally fashion forward. From business to casual, trench coats have you covered when you need a light coat. Think transition seasons, like spring and fall, although some cities — like San Francisco — are perfect for the trench any time of year!

I’m on the road in the castles of of Sans Souci at Potsdam. The ideal chance to wear my trench coat in a casual way. Try skinny jeans on the weekend or form-fitting pants underneath for a sleek, classic look. Treat your trench coat right so you can wear it whenever the mood strikes: These coats go from work to lounge wear with only a few tweaks to your look. When you’re not wearing your trench coat, hang it on a padded hanger. Air dry wet coats before hanging them in the closet. Bust out a bright coat, but classic black or khaki will pair well with what’s in style today and what’s on trend tomorrow.

I WEAR: The classic Burberry trench coat – shopped 1998 in London, Burberry is the absolute iconic British brand -a pair of jeans, Tiger Sneakers, boyish straw hat, Luella Bag.

Funny – a trench coat packed with personal information. I should google the french message…

Posted on April 2, 2012

The It-Burberry Prorsum Coat

Rebel Alexa

Burberry is always up for a surprise, especially when it comes to their Prorsum range. Ever since Blake Lively wore the olive-colored masterpiec from the  SS 2012 collection, the  embellished ehtnic collar has become the  hottest trend this year!

The cardigan with the colorful Indian collar reminded me instantly of the famous Burberry coat.

Hot or Not?

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