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Posted on January 20, 2012

Spoilt for choice

Bags/ Romantique


Woven leather handbags are made with artisian skills and always look classy, adding that little bit of extra to your outfit.

So it was like xmas and my birthday all rolled into one when I saw all those woven Falorni bags in all these lovely colours! It was difficult to decide for which one to go: Antique red, tan, classic black or chocolate brown. I decided to go for chocolate brown to go with the pastels of the upcoming summer! Which colour would yo uhave chosen?




Posted on September 30, 2011

Bottega Veneta and the Italian art of woven leather handbags

Bags/ Romantique

Woven leather handbags always look sophisticated and elegant and enhance any outfit. Most of you will be familiar with Bottega Veneta, the luxurious leader in this art.  There are a few other Italian brands that specialise in the the woven leather crafted with great Italian mastery combined with classic clean lines.

Above and below: A lot less expensive but just as high quality handbags made in Italy are the bags from Falorni. At around £500 per bag they only cost a fraction of a Bottega Veneta but look just as classy. And if you are a lucky truffle pig like me, you might find one for even a lot less at TK Maxx.

The Ultimate: Bottega Veneta

Lucky Cammy Diaz not with one but two BVs!

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