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Posted on July 7, 2011

Pretty Ballerinas vs Heels

Romantique/ Shoes

And the winner is……The ballet pump, of course!

They are not only the preferred choice of Parisians but also of our favourite German girl, the distinguished Claudia Schiffer! I can’t help but think that very high heels, like often worn by Heidi Klum, look cheap on her, especially paired with a short mini skirt.

Pretty Ballerinas have been my favourite choice of flats for years. Mainly because they are not just the most comfortable ones (inner leather sole and a robust rubber sole for the winter models), but they are also the most flattering on the foot, making the foot look elegant and long. You can choose from literally hundreds of models for every occasion from elegant, to corporate to casual and quirky. They do come with an expensive price tag but they are definitely worth every penny. They’re durable and last for years if cared for, and do not lose their shape like many other ballet shoes (i.e. French sole!).




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