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Posted on March 10, 2015

Top 5 Beach Restaurants in Sydney

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Boat House Sydney Vichy Gingham dress

Sydney is a gourmet’s delight, thanks to its fresh produce and seafood plucked straight from the ocean. There is no finer cuisine while imbibing the breathtaking ocean views, and enjoying the mesmerising sound of the waves and holiday atmosphere.

Here are my Top 5 beach-side restaurants in Sydney:

Hugos Manly Sydney Australia beach restaurant 5. Hugos

Hugos is a waterfront restaurant located at Manly’s wharf, treating patrons with its unfettered view of the harbour beach and incoming ferries. Known for the best pizza in Australia (!!!!), Hugos never disappoints. My favourites are the fig & gorgonzola pizza and the watermelon cocktail.

Table for two at the Pantry, overlooking Manly beach

Table for two at the Pantry, overlooking Manly beach

4. The Pantry

You cannot get closer to the ocean than sitting at a table at the Pantry, overlooking Manly beach. The distressed beachy interior design adds to the rustic fisherman flair. Must-eats are the creamy oysters and the grilled lemon sole with almond crust. To die for!

My recommendation at the Pantry: Grilled Whole Lemon Sole Almondine w/ almonds & brown butter

My recommendation at the Pantry: Grilled Whole Lemon Sole Almondine w/ almonds & brown butter

3. The Dunes Kiosk, Palm Beach

Palm beach is about an hour away from Sydney’s centre, a real holiday getaway. It’s no surprise that Aussie celebrities and millionaires choose this picture-perfect peninsula as their base. “Palmy” is classy but not snooty, and cute beach-side cafe “The Dunes” represents that relaxed flair beautifully. Right near the ocean (no views, but you can smell and hear the sea), the cafe charms with the unique blue and white striped “Strandkörbe”. These German beach wicker chairs usually reside at the Baltic Sea, yet look just as fitting down at the other end of the world.

Foodwise, try their battered fish or – if you’re calorie conscious – their healthy delicious salds.

The Dunes Kiosk Sydney Australia Palm Beach

Sitting comfortably in my “Strandkorb” at Dunes


2. Barrenjoey House, Palm Beach

A landmark at Palmy with beautiful views to the riverside of the peninsula, this is an absolute gem. The lovely beachy decor calls for a bucket of cold prawns (highly recommended) or grilled flathead on chips.

Barrenjoey House, Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia

Shabby Beach Chic at Barrenjoey


1. The Boathouse, Palm Beach

My all-time favourite restaurant is The Boathouse, a magical place, residing on stilts, literally above the water. I wish I could copy and paste the decor of the restaurant into my own flat – romantic shabby Hampton chic at its best! Watch the waterplanes land right in front of you whilst tucking into a steak sandwhich.  Whilst the food is decent, I prefer the cuisine at Barrenjoey House. However, for location and flair alone, the boathouse is unbeatable.

The Boat House Palm Beach Sydney Australia

Mr Romantique chilling at the pier of the boathouse

The Boat House Palm Beach Sydney Australia

Posted on January 17, 2015

Beachy Stripes

Australia/ Dresses/ Romantique

Stripey dress Avalon Beach Australia

We’ve been back in the UK for a week now, after three weeks in the Aussie sun. Whilst my body is busy adjusting from simmering hot summer to bitterly cold European winter, I’m indulging in the enjoyeous task of sifting through hundreds of holiday pictures with the aim of culling all but the cream.

These were snapped in peachy,  late afternoon light at Avalon beach, one of Sydney’s Northerrn beaches. I much prefer these less crowded, under commercialised beaches to the more famous backpacker havens of Bondi and Manly. Sporting golden yellow sand, these unspoilt gems are further bolstered by  delectable eateries and shabby beach style aestehtics straight out of a coffee table book.

Nailing beach style, I’m wearing one of my favourite summer staples: Stripes. I love them in all shapes and forms: From nautical to coloured, from bold and blocked to thin and delicate. The silk material is perfect to combat Sydney’s hot, humid climate.

Stripey dress Avalon Beach Australia

Pink Ray Ban mirrored. Stripey dress Avalon Beach Australia

I’m wearing:

  • Stripey Dress by Antoni & Alison
  • Cross body bag by Moschino
  • Mirroed pink avviator shades by Ray Ban
  • Beauty Note:
  • Lipstick “Heatwave” (how fitting!) by Nars

Stripey dress Avalon Beach Australia



Posted on December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas from Sydney

Australia/ Dresses/ Romantique/ Travel


Sydney beaCH Stefanel sundress

Thanks to Mr Romantique being a Sydney sider, we spend almost every year on the other side of the world for Christmas, swapping Gluehwein with cocktails and turkey with seafood on the barbie.

I used to associate Christmas with bitterly cold winter days, watching the Nutcracker ballet in the opera and eating calorific comfort food from the Christmas markets. Over the last few years,  Australia’s Christmas has grown on me:  Seafood on the barbie, a swim in the ocean on Christmas day and dashing through the beach instead of in the snow – what’s not to like?

Today is our second day in Oz: The best way to counteract the jet lag is to go out and spend some time outdoors, getting the blood in the legs pumping . To combat the heat in humid Sydney, I’m wearing a light silk sundress from Stefanel and my new pair of gingham havaianas, how cute are they?

Where are you celebrating Christmas this year, in the bitterly cold Northern Hemisphere or in the Southern part of the world?

Australia Sydney Palm Beach the Dunes Cafe

Baltic Sea feel: German beach baskets at my favourite restaurant: The Dunes Cafe at stunning Palm Beach.


aussie life guard at Sydney's northerrn beaches

Aussie LIfe guard at Sydney’s Palm Beach

Mr Romanatique promoting the Aussie Christmas ;-)

Mr Romanatique promoting the Aussie Christmas

Gingham Vichy Havaianas Flip flips Mona vale beach Australia

Gingham Havis at Mona Vale, one of Sydney’s Northerrn Beaches



Posted on December 16, 2012

A slice of heaven – The boat house in Sydney

Australia/ Decor/ Romantique/ Travel

Some places on this earth are so beautiful, they don’t need fancy Instagraming to look cool or  atmospheric. The restaurant “The Boat House” in Sydney, located at Palm Beach, on the Northern Beach peninsula, is one of those places.

The  romantic chic interior has a  tasteful and contemporary feel,  decorated with fresh flowers and colourful, rustic furniture.  Just grab a sandwich from the bar and enjoy the stunning sea views from the wharf.

Enjoy the dreamy pictures of the Boat House!

The boat house  created a playful take on festive decorations in a warm climate – these Danish gingerbread houses dangling from a ceiling mounted ladder look too cute! Best Danish – Australian combo since Mary and Frederik!

The boat house decorated for a wedding – mind you, this stunning setting doesn’t need a lot of decorating!

Fresh flowers, colourful chairs and white wooden rustic tables – the perfect beach cottage décor.

Mr Romantique chilling on the wharf – he’s wearing shirt “Chester” in Raspberry from Reiss, shorts from H&M, South African Havaianas flip flips (or thongs, as they say in the Aussie part of the world).

I’m wearing a white broderie anglaise dress from Max & Co, straw hat from Seafolly Australia.

Posted on January 3, 2012

The worlds largest marine Autobahn

Romantique/ Travel

West Head is a scenic plateau overlooking the ocean, embedded in a National Reserve, just 30 minutes from Sydney.

Marine creatures, from dolphins, seals and penguins to huge whales like the humpback whale, travel from  Antarctica to warmer, tropical climates to raise their young.

For the day out, I dressed up in a summary shift dress, comfortable sunny Pretty Ballerina and a straw hat to protect myself from the strong Aussie sun.

On the way to West Head, drive through bush land

Humpback whales and Southern right whales are often seen playing in shallow coastal waters, sometimes just beyond the surfline.

Posted on December 22, 2011

Christmas Down Under

Romantique/ Travel

This year, I’m fortunate enough to spend Christmas  and New Year on the 5th continent, to celebrate Mr Romantique’s brother’s wedding in Centennial Park, in the heart of Sydney.

Stay tuned for updates from Bondi Beach, the Opera House and other exciting sights and for fashion insights brought to you straight from the Australian metropole.

Above: Me on the ferry to Sydney harbour

Christmas Tree at Manly

The famous Iceberg Restaurant at Bondi Beach

Posted on July 30, 2011

Olympic gold medal revealed in London

Current Affairs/ London/ Romantique

Who said that working for a mining group is boring? On Wednesday my employer, Australian mining giant Rio Tinto, delighted us employees by revealing the Olympic Gold Medal for the Olympic Games in London next year. Rio is the sole provider of the medals which will be sourced from the mines in Salt Lake City, USA and Mongolia.  8 tonnes of metal will be used for the 2,700 medals.

Each employee had a photo taken, holding the impressive (and heavy!) gold medal, and we all got to meet British hottie, down to earth nice guy, and dual Olympic Gold medallist, James Cracknell.

We don’t realise is but the world of mining has got an impact on us every day and without mining, the world could not run. We need:

Borates for nail varnish

Aluminium for mascara cases and planes

Copper, Aluminium and Gold for smart phones

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