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Posted on July 30, 2011

Olympic gold medal revealed in London

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Who said that working for a mining group is boring? On Wednesday my employer, Australian mining giant Rio Tinto, delighted us employees by revealing the Olympic Gold Medal for the Olympic Games in London next year. Rio is the sole provider of the medals which will be sourced from the mines in Salt Lake City, USA and Mongolia.  8 tonnes of metal will be used for the 2,700 medals.

Each employee had a photo taken, holding the impressive (and heavy!) gold medal, and we all got to meet British hottie, down to earth nice guy, and dual Olympic Gold medallist, James Cracknell.

We don’t realise is but the world of mining has got an impact on us every day and without mining, the world could not run. We need:

Borates for nail varnish

Aluminium for mascara cases and planes

Copper, Aluminium and Gold for smart phones

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