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Alec Baldwin

Posted on June 22, 2012

Best Dressed Men

Rebel Alexa

Not only women inspire us in fashion! Men, too, of course, their have a great influence in our lives. For men, looking good has now become enormously important, and their fashion sense also increased significantly, today. But fashion is not what counts, it is the combination of style and strong personality.

My personal best dressed men list:

Alexander Skarsgard – Why are swedish men so hot? Mr. Skarsgard loves to weare Acne and Burberry.

Alec Baldwin – You get what you see!

Mr Baldwin is classy but not rigid.

Prince of Wales – I think Charles is also underestimated in fashion. He is always stylish and a super relaxed Gentleman

The perfect Summer Suit, more class does not work.

Tom Ford – He has a sleepwalking sense of style.

JFK – He gave America the iconic noble, casual East Coast style.

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