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Posted on July 5, 2015

Our mum’s Top 5 Anti-Ageing Tips

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Advanced style miu miu sunglasses smu 10 n Castellmare di Golfo

Our mum in Castellmar di Golfo in Sicily,

Mummy Romantique and Rebel celebrated her 64th birthday in Sicily a week ago. I’m proud of our mum as I think she looks fantastic and most of all, she has to right attitude to life. Like most mums, she’s a source of wisdom and knowledge to us.

So what are her secrets to look and feel so good at 64? Here she shares with us her Top 5 Tips on how to age gracefully!

1. A Healthy attitude to Life!

See life positivly! Yes this sounds like a worn out cliche but holds very true. Live your life responsibly but at the same time, don’t take it too seriously. Enjoy your life, go on holiday, meet new people and discover new places, be open minded.

2. Good Skincare Regime

My skin care routine includes using a serum, day cream, night cream and eye cream, all specifically made for the needs of my dry skin. Products don’t have to be expensive. I like Nivea and Olay, try different brands and see how your skin reacts to it. Shake up your product routine to give your skin the chance to respond to new ingredients. Last but not least, never forget to take your make-up off. For cleansing, I use the Philips Visapure facial cleanser.

3. Less is more

When it comes to decorative make up, less is more. I don’t bother with elaborate eye makeup anymore. Eyeshadow only accentuates fine lines, I prefer using a shadow stick (e.g. Laura Mercier or Kiko)  to emphasize the eye, I curl my eyelashes and use mascara, that’s the eyes done. As skin starts to become more uneven as we age, I use a primer and a light makeup to cover this. My hero product in summer is the Kanebo Silky bronze compact make-up. It provides a natural coverage and contains a high SPF.

Clinique chubby sticks give lips an easy tint during the day. For the evening or for days when I feel like a bold lip, I use Tom Ford lipstick “Cherry Lush” or Chanel’s “Dialogue”.

Italian life style: Miu Miu Sunglasses SMU 10N with pink glasses and a pistachio granita.

Italian life style: Miu Miu Sunglasses SMU 10N with pink glasses and a pistachio granita.

4. Nourish your body

Eat healthily without denying yourself enjoyable treats such as coffee, a glass of wine or a piece of cake. Avoid too much sugar and bad fats but don’t stress yourself too much if you do find yourself overindulging from time to time, the world won’t fall apart!

5. Enjoy style, not fashion

Don’t run after the latest trends but find your own style in which you feel comfortable. Finding your own style takes time so try out different pieces and stick with the ones which represent you.

For example,  I love floral pattern but they don’t suit me. Clean, classic shapes and neutral colours look best on me. That’s my signature style and I hardly deviate from it.

advanced style sicily


Our mum is wearing:

Chocolate brown jersey dress with pleats by Max & Co. White sandals by Prada Sport. Tote bag by Lamarthe.

Advanced Street style Sicily

Advanced street style Sicily. The birthday girl is wearing:

  • Gingham trousers by Gant
  • Sandals by AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni
  • Black top with boat neck by H&M
  • Tote bag by Lamarthe
  • Glasses by Gucci

Sicily castellmar di golfo

Mummy Romantique is wearing baroque earrings bought in Catania, Sicily. Glasses by Gucci. My banana earrings are by N2 by Les Nereides Paris.

Posted on January 4, 2015

Advanced style: Chic at 62

Berlin/ Coats/ Romantique/ Wardrobe
Advanced Street Style Berlin

Advanced Street Style Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt


How to be fashionable after 60.  Firstly,  forget about “age-appropriate” dressing,  and break fashion rules!

You can be stylish and feel good in your own skin without being wafer thin and following mumsy advice.

Our mother is living proof of this philosophy and a great role model for us!

On a bitterly cold day in wintery Berlin, she chose to wear a timeless but modern parka, lined with fur to keep warm. Skinny jeans emphasise her slim legs while an oversized cashmere jumper (under the parka) hides her tummy.

Investment in well-made shoes and high quality bags has always been our mum’s credo. If cared for, they will last you many, many years and will always look elegant. Her shoes are by Italian label Candice Cooper and her bag is by Bally of Switzerland.

As we get older we lose definition of the face, so a stylish pair of glasses can help restore that definition.

Berlin Street style Parka Knitty witters Hamburg. Bally Bag. Shoes Candice Cooper

Our mom wears:

As we all come to terms with ageing and getting older, we should never forget these mantras by which our mum lives:

  • Never give up and let yourself go
  • Don’t battle age; make the best of it
  • Dress for yourself
  • Wear quality, not fashion
  • Look after your clothes and shoes


Selfie with Rebel

Selfie with Rebel at Berlin Gendarmenmarkt



Emmy Copycat Rossum wearing our mums’ BALLY “Sommet” Satchel. Guess, who had it first? Mummy R&R, of course!



Posted on May 24, 2014

Why we love Statement Earrings


Statement Earrings Bijou Brigitte

I love dramatic statement earrings, especially now that I cut my hair short and can boldly show them off.  I’m not a fan of delicate, tiny heart studs or other delicate pieces- my jewellery needs to be seen from afar! Think huge Chandelier earrings that can take any outfit up a notch, whether it’s an LBD or a jeans / T-shirt combo.

How to wear statement earrings:

  • When wearing big earrings and necklaces, I like to keep the outfit simple and the pattern monochrome.
  • If you have long hair, put it up in a bun to provide a centre stage for the dangling pieces.
  • Statement baubles come in all sorts of shapes and colours. Whether you like bling-bling or pastel coloured gem stones like me, there’s a style for everyone.
  • Statement earrings don’t need to cost an arm and a leg, you can pick up great looking pieces from Zara or Bijou Brigitte.
  • Personally, I’d avoid wearing a statement necklace AND earrings to avoid the Christmas tree look. Then again, on some it works so you need to try it all out!

On me:

Above: I am wearing yellow and turqoise blue earrings from Bijou Brigitte. The pastel colours liven up any style. Sunglasses from Celine.

The darker,  turqoise blue earrings from Bijou Brigitte remind me of the Mediterranean Sea, the perfect, feel-good chandeliers. Sunglasses from Blumarine.

Berengere statement earrings Our stylish Parisian friend Berengere from Versailles sure knows good style. These bright coloured turquoise danglers complement her skin tone and outfit rather nicely. Sunglasses from Stella McCartney.

Advanced style statement earrings street style Advanced Style: Statement earrings are not just for the young. Our Mummy Romantique & Rebel rocks a great pair of brightening, cream drop earrings from Bijou Brigitte.

Charlotte Casiraghi statement earrings More style inspiration from the French: Charlotte Casiraghi, daugher of Princess Caroline of Monaco, is wearing glamorous, crystal-encrusted drop earrings.

statement earrings streetstyle

This stylish street styler,  layers on the statement jewellery and it works!

coco chancel on statement jewellery

Posted on June 4, 2013

60 and Fashionable!

Romantique/ Wardrobe
Mummy Romantique and Rebel

Mummy Romantique and Rebel


Fashion isn’t only for  skinny girls in their twenties. With our blog, Rebel (aged 42) and myself (aged 34) want to show that you can have fun and be fashionable  well beyond your twenties and size zero. We inherited our love of fashion from our mum, aged 62, who  introduced us to the world of well made garments, precious fabrics and beautiful details. My earliest memories of fashion are of raiding my mum’s wardrobe and tottering around in her high heels.

Ari Cohen dedicates his popular blog, Advanced Fashion, to eccentric, older ladies who love style and fashion. While I adore the quirkiness and life lust of these ladies, I’m not sure I’d like to dress so outlandishly once I’m in my twilight years! My role model will be my mum, who dresses fashionably and trendily without being over the top. Understatement and style always win!

60 plus fashion fruit trousers

Our mum is wearing: White summer sandals with comfy foot bed from Prada. Fruit print trousers from Riani, orange t shirt from Esprit and dark green sunglasses from Chloe. Green Foot Nail varnish from Dior.

Photo Ari Cohen

Photo by Ari Cohen. Circus fashion is seldom flattering!

Our mum and me shooting

Our mum and me shooting

Read the full interview with Mummy R&R on her style through the decades here.

Do you have an “older”  fashion role model, a person’s whose style you admire and you’d wish you’d look like that person when you’re older? Is it your mum, an aunt or a celebrity?

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