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Posted on May 16, 2015

Growing Into & Out of Fashion

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I’m 44 and there is no age I would rather be than the age I am right now. This acceptance is something I hope I never outgrow!

If I had to make a list of things I have grown out of and things I have grown into, it might look something like this:

Spring Street Style 2015 (10) (659x800)

Things I’ve Grown OUT

Anything too tight.

Wearing (Mini) skirts and long hair.

Too much Jewelry that is fun and funky.

Trying to look too hip or too young.

I am not a bag changer anymore. That’s liberating!

Although this isn’t a wardrobe thing, I have outgrown spending my time doing anything that I don’t want to be doing with people I don’t want feel happy to be around.

Street Style Spring 2015 (11) (572x800) Things I Have Grown INTO

Having less clothing.

Wearing only perfectly comfortable size.

Wearing red lipstick, short hair and Spanx.

Wearing Sunglasses at any time, the most important fashion piece.

I usually stick with one purse when I find one I like.

Using more nail polish.

Floral Pants 2015 street style (23) (601x800)

Things I’ll NEVER Let Go

Simplicity. Less is the new more.

Converse and adidas Trainers.

Black, Black…wearing Skinny Denim and Turtleneck only in Black.

The white Shirt.

Using  professional foundation daily.

Street Style Spring 2015 (734x800)

List of outfit: Floral pants by Céline, Gazelle trainers by adidas, Sweater by Uniqlo, Sunglasses by Missoni

Kate Moss Wanted (17) (800x533)

Posted on January 23, 2015

New Year, New Hair

Coats/ Rebel Alexa/ Shoes


For 2015, I intend to let me hair grow to rock a choppy bob like Sienna Miller. However, when I saw pictures of myself at Christmas time, I was horrified at the state of my hair! My Hair was in beetween two syles, short to bob, and it made me look mumsy and aged.  My haircut neither suited my face shape and attitude nor my hair structure  – the top 3 key criteria for the choice of an haircut. So, on Wednesday I went to get my hair cut short. I look like Kris Jenner but I’m happy and feel comfortable in my skin again!

Trainers by adidas Gazelle, Denim by Notify, Coat by GF Ferré, Sunglasses by Fendi
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