Posted on November 27, 2012

Style Issue: never wear trainers outside the house?

Rebel Alexa/ Shoes

What the main difference is beetwen French and foreign woman? A French Taxi Driver said: “Trainers, The Americans are incapable of putting on a pair of shoes.” American Woman wearing trainers to travel to the office and then chanigng once you get there and for French woman these habit is too much trouble? Is it a myth, nobody has seen a French Woman in trainers outside a tennis court?

I guess it’s a stereotype that French women don’t wear sneakers outside the house. And to be honest I don’t care if French women wear trainers or not. I like my pair of NB trainers, I bought in Copenhagen, last year. I’m addicted to Chanel and the whole French fashion thing but to trainers too.


H&M Breton Shirt, Chanel look a like Jacket, Skinny Jeans, New Balance trainers


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