Posted on April 16, 2015

Stepping into Spring with Pink

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London Street style coccinelle bag and superga trainers

Don’t you love that rejuvenating feeling that Spring awakens? Warmth in the air, the promise of sunshine, holidays and longer hours. Whilst the few warm days we’ve had here in London don’t warrant unpacking my summer wardrobe yet, I’ve added a few spring coloured items to shake off the winter blues.

Pink handbag: On my recent trip to an outlet shopping center near Oxford, I bagged myself a Coccinelle handbag in a poppy, raspberry-pink colour. Naturally, I could have taken the lime green, ultra-marine blue, tangerine and purple too, but a girl’s gotta make decisions! I love Italian brand Coccinelle; their arm candy is always on trend, good quality, and comes in a rainbow of colours. Not to mention the reasonable pricing. Knock yourself out, handbag lovers!

Soft pink Superga trainers: “Stop wearing super ugly converse and following American brands like a sheep, wear Superga”. – Haha, I love this controversial quote I came across on Instagram, from a die-hard Superga fan.  Rebel will not agree, but I do find that Italian shoe brand Superga is so much more feminine than conventional Converse chucks. I HATE trainers but I gladly make an exception for these macaron pink beauties.

London Street style coccinelle bag and superga trainers

London Street style coccinelle bag and superga trainers

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