Posted on April 7, 2013

Spring French Beauty Buys

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Chanel Frenzy, French blue eyedrops, Guerlain eyeshadow palette Attrape Coer

Chanel Frenzy, French blue eyedrops, Guerlain eyeshadow palette Attrape Coer


Over the last month I’ve been treating myself to some Beauty goodies.  I’m so pleased with this latest haul that I didn’t think it’s fair to keep them all to myself. After all, sharing is caring!

French Blue Eyedrops Goutes Bleues

French Blue Eyedrops Goutes Bleues

  • First up are French blue eyedrops called “Gouttes Bleues” from the Opticalm eyedrop range. Like many people working on computer screens all day I suffer from dry, irritated eyes. An eye doctor  in Germany once told me that conventional drugstore eyedrops (like Murine, Optrex, etc)  contain preservatives that make the dry eye condition even worse! Instead, use eyedrops without preservatives in single use packaging Or “Gouttes Bleues” which is a natural eyedrop solution with an antibacterial and antioxidant effect, you can read more about it here.  It’s been around in France for over 60 years, popular with make-up artists and French women. The blue drops have been a real pleasure for my stressed eyes, very soothing, giving my eyes that sparkle back.

Chanel Frenzy

  • Spring is calling and I’m in the mood for light, pastel coloured nail varnishes. Chanel nail polish Frenzy, which was part of  the FW2012 range, is the perfect nude: A cool greige colour with a hint of lavender. I love it, it fits to any and everything, suits pale and tanned hands, a real allrounder.
Guerlain Attrape Coer Palette

Guerlain Attrape Coer Palette Review


  • Guerlain eyeshadow palette Attrape Coer: I was persuaded into buying this colour from a very skilled sales assistant and I’m so glad I did. The texture of this shadow is heavenly. It’s far superior to Chanel or other high priced luxury brands. Unlike other eyeshadows, this one does not emphasize wrinkles. I put the white colour under my brows and next to my tear duct, a subtle pearly shade that instantly wakes up the eyes.  The taupey-lavender shade on the left is perfect for spreading all over the lid. The lilac colour on the right is a bit more pigmented so I just put it on the outside corner of the upper lid. The dark shade is buttery soft and is great to use as an eyeliner.


In this picture I’m wearing the Guerlain Attrape Coer eyeshadows. As you can see, it’s a very natural palette which is what I love about this. The colours create a natural, fresh spring look.

Guerlain coer attrape

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