Posted on January 12, 2013

Snow Bunny in Italian down feathers

Coats/ Romantique/ Wardrobe

Finding a good warm goose down winter coat or jacket can be an expensive task!

Especially the attributes stylish and warm don’t always go hand in hand together. Italian made down coats / jackets by Feyem make ski jacket look good and combine warmth with Italian sense of style: I love the cute details about my white goose down jacket:

  • Three quarter trumpet sleeves
  • A-line shape
  • shawl collar
  • Fitted at the back through a cord, creating a little peplum
Details is what makes special garnments stand out from those available on the market.  You can always tell a well made jacket by it’s stylish details and well crafted zips, buttons, buckles and lining.
When it comes to ski jackets, Moncler is a bit too loud and brashy for my liking (after all, I’m not a 50 something sashaying in St Moritz (yet!).
Above and below: Goose down jacket from Feyem, brown corderouy trousers from Stefanel and navy blue wool beret from Gant.

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