Posted on September 23, 2011

Sister’s telepathy

Decor/ Romantique

I love Ikea! When it comes to furniture, the same rules apply as to clothing: Not everything has to be designer branded. Mix up BB Italia and Ikea just like you mix up H&M with Moschino.

Ikea is a piece of home for me and spending a day there in London’s Wembley branch, especially in the food court, feels like being back on the homely continent again: Rye bread and matjes herring, gingerbread biscuits and Apfelschorle – heaven! So when I went to Ikea last night, I sent Rebel a picture of a trendy Vichy pink-white checked carpet that really stood out for me (“Millinge”). A few seconds later she sent me a pic of the exact same carpet she photographed only two days earlier at Ikea. Which supports the theory: You don’t have to be identical twins to telepath with your sibling. Rebel and I are very different in character and style but sometimes very much alike!

Rebel’s and my picture of the woven carpet – will look great combined with white furniture for the Neapolitan icecream effect or with sleek dark leather / glossed furniture to break things up

Powder pink walls and white furniture – done is the cosy country house chic


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