Posted on November 16, 2012

Romantique getting hitched!

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Wow, what a week it’s been for me! I got a wedding proposal from Mr Romantique (who technically is not Mr Romantique because we were living in sin) and got spoilt rotten on my Birthday just a few days later!

So how did he pop the question? Last week Thursday, I was asked to not come home before 19.00. Mr Romantique explained he planned a romantic dinner at home (because we usually slouch on the sofa eating dinner while watching Dexter or Mad Men).


When I opened the door, Mr Romantique welcomed me in my favourite shirt of him (“Chester” in Raspberry from Reiss) with my favourite gourmand perfume angel men and his hair impeccably styled. Wow! The flat was set up like an Italian restaurant, with heart shaped tea lights and  romantic music playing in the background. And no, I did not suspect a thing! I thought that it was all part of the lead-up to my nearing birthday.


A three course meal from my favourite Italian restaurant was served together with red wine. I noticed that he was acting awkward and nervous, like being on a first date, plus he barely touched the food. 

After a delicious panna cotta desert, I was asked to close my eyes, he got on one knee and a wonderful declaration of love followed and the question all romantics at heart love to hear from “the one”. Apparently I shrieked a high pitched “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyes” . I can’t remember exactly what I said , in the excitement of the moment, all my memories are hazy and blurred.

Since then, we’ve been in a happy bubble,  not stressing too much about planning a big wedding. I have a few ideas about a small ceremony and a simple, romantic dress that will match the small, intimate ceremony, like the below dress from Max Mara bridal.



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