Posted on September 17, 2012

Rebel’s best of Summer Fashion 2012

Rebel Alexa/ Wardrobe


Fashion can be like the weather – hot and steamy one day, cold and foggy the next – that means: one day you look gorgeous but the next is a disaster. September is the most important month in the fashion industry and and I thought this is a good moment to show rebel’s best Fashion looks of the last season spring/summer 2012 before the great season change to autum/ winter 2013 comes.


REBEL about Fashion, Style and Shopping:

Tell us your 5 favourite fashion / beauty items under 20 Euros?
Elmex Intensive tooth paste, L’Oréal 4x volume mascara, Bourgeois Make-up.

Under which criteria do you decide to cull clothes?
If a garnment does not fit perfectly, for example it’s too small or too tight. Or if the colours / pattern do not flatter my skin tone. If one of my items is too unique and I cannot combine it with at least 3 other times, I will keep it at first before I decide to give it away.

Where do you go bargain hunting?
TK Maxx and Zara.

What is the fashion tip you ever got and from who?
Less is more.

Your quick fix for a dull outfit?
Red lipstick.
Which are your favourite websites for fashion, shopping tipps etc.?
Who what wear and R&R of course.
Which of your clothes turned out to be an impulse buy gone wrong?
Many times I made the wrong choices, but only little things, I never bought one really horrible item. Sometimes I just bought clothes for the sake of the shopping – and many items turned out not to be my style.
What annoys you in the fashion world?
When C celebreties become designer and cooperate with discount chains. That does not inspire me, it’s pure business for the star and the retailer.
If you could be a fashion icon for one day, who would you chose and why?
Anna Wintour, she is my personal role model in business. Often I think: what would Anna do, what would she think?


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