Posted on January 7, 2013

Rebel: Confessions of a Make-Up Product Developer

Beauty/ Rebel Alexa

It’s fair to say that Rebel is a real Beauty Guru with 15 years of experience as a make-up and product developer. She has been designing beauty products from the first idea / brainstorm to the finished product you will find in drugstores and high-end cosmetic stores, working closely with the beauty lab to design the ingredients of the product as well as with illustrators who design the packaging.
In her role as colour cosmetic developer, Rebel has been designing mascaras, lip glosses, bronzers, make-ups, blushers, lip and eye pencils,  nail varnishes and much more. In her job, she has to prove her creativity, innovative and outside the box thinking and her sixth sense for trends.

Interview with Rebel, the Make-up product developer:

 Q:  Make-up trend change so often, how do you keep keep up with the constant change and how do you know what will be trendy tomorrow?

Rebel: I am constantly reading magazines from all over the world and  keep myself up to date in the blogosphere. Travelling is a big inspiration as well. I never allow myself to fall behind, I am constantly online to be informed. Mix this with experience and training as well as intuition for the cosmetic market and an ability to analyse.

Q: When it comes to formulations of the products, how do you decide what goes into a product and why?

Rebel: I often get suggestions from raw material suppliers on which ingredients are trending, for example cranberry, sea buckthorn, ginger, hylaronic acid or Q10. I also develop my own ideas which I then realise with the R&D department. My most fun product was a lipgloss made of banana essence, tasting of cinnamon!

Q: You worked in global companies: Can you tell us what the difference is in designing make-up products for the British, American or French market?

Rebel: The US, Britain and France are way more innovative and fast moving compared to the German market. Americans are very open and like to experiment when developing a product. The French tend to get inspiration from the looks of Chanel & Dior.

Q: Which beauty brand is your favourite brand?

Rebel: I use a lot of Chanel (make-ups, nail varnishes and the Quattro powder) but I also try lots of drugstore products from any brand.

Q: What are the most essential items in your beauty bag you cannot live without?

Rebel: At the moment I can’t live without the BB cream from Maybelline and the Jumbo pencils for smokey eyes in black and brown by Maybelline, black mascara and a nude lipstick.

Nail varnish range “Blackbird”. Name, packaging and colours designed by Rebel.


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