Posted on July 12, 2014

On Fashion Sale Shopping & Poppy Sandals

Rebel Alexa/ Shoes


When I go out for sale shopping in designer stores I always keep my eyes peeled for statement pieces! Most people go shopping with an open mind and end up buying stuff which they don’t intend to wear in the coming months, or never wear them at all. It’s also used to happen to me but these days I’m very well organized. So before going out for sale shopping keep calm and MAKE A LIST!


This summer season I was looking for pop-coloured sandals because a bright sandal will turn an all-black, inconspicuous outfit into a ‘pap’-able one.

And luckily I found these chic sandals in vibrant blue with gold ankle strap at Zara!


All black and electric blue shoes, whether it’s a sandal or boots,  work in summer and even in winter. A good pair of shoes can change any outfit.


Kendell Jenner’s super boot statement!

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