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My Skinny Bitch Journey – Part I

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Ah, January, time of new years resolutions. This year I made a promise to myself: I will start looking after my body and eat healthily.

I never touched a diet or a book about nutrition in my life for the simple reason of the sheer volume of books out there, all based on different opinions. How am I supposed to know which one is right?

When Rebel lost a whopping 8 kilos last year after reading and living in accordance to the principles of the book “Skinny Bitch”, I decided to give this one a go. What I like about the book is that it’s not a diet, it’s a way of living! You can eat as much as you like, as long it’s the good stuff. Chapter by Chapter the book explains why certain foods are unhealthy and make us fat and it offers alternatives. It’s also funnily written and makes an entertaining read, I read it in just one day.

The cornerstones of the book are simple: Avoid the following foods and watch yourself transforming into a skinny bitch:

  • Meat – instead eat tofu
  • Dairy products – try soy or rice milk instead
  • Simple carbs – eat complex carbs
  • Sugar – try to cut out sugar and eat Stevia, an organic sugar substitute, instead
  • Eat Organic food – scrap Tescos

While I’m not too desperate to lose a lot of weight, I’d be happy to lose 2-3 kilos while living healthily. My main goals is to have energy again and feel better. I’m 7 days into the Skinny Bitch journey and already lost 1.8 kilos! Most of all I love this empowering feeling to be in control of what I eat: Whereas before my body was in control and dictated me what to eat when: Coffee to wake up, a pack of maltesers to spike me up in the afternoon, a glass of wine to wind me down from an exhausting day at work at home. Now I think before I eat: No I don’t need a coffee in the afternoon because I know I will crave biscuits to go with it. No I won’t eat a quick fatty mayonnaise sandwich for lunch because I’m too lazy to walk to a healthy eating place or to prepare something nutritious the night before.

Here are the first two cornerstones of the Skinny Bitch way of living. Whether you follow it strictly or just take inspirations from a few chapters is up to you. For me, cutting out sweets is hell – so for now I’m cutting down significantly on sugar, taking it step by step.

Here is a summary of the first two chapters on carbs and meat:

The carbs lie

The no carbs movement is complete nonsense: Carbs (the right ones) give us energy to function and provide important nutrients. You should make the distinction between between simple and complex carbs: Simple carbs (like wheat, rice, prepared food, cakes) have the nutrients of a toilet paper roll and consist mostly of sugar. They create a large spike in blood sugar, resulting in a crash soon after so we are craving even more rubbish! Eat complex carbs consisting of fibre and starch. They are released slowly into the blood stream for a stable and slow energy release, keeping us fuller for longer.

  • – Potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • – Rye bread (make sure it’s 100% rye, not just a low percentage)
  • – whole grain rice
  • – Quinoa
  • – corn
  • – hummus
  • – lentils
  • – cakes and biscuits made from whole grain flour
  • – fruit / veggies

Animal protein – you are what you eat

Linda McCartney once said that if slaughterhouses had walls made of glass, we’d all be vegetarian. I think we all heard about the horrific conditions of livestock farming. The transport to the slaughterhouse as well as the killing methods cause huge sufferings to animals such as pigs, who are more intelligent than 3 year old humans and can play video games! The human is an odd creature, cooing over their pets but happily eating cadavers of animals having lived a horrible life and died a torturous death (I include myself).

The book is not lecturing about all this at all, it simply tells the facts about modern live stock farming. The read was horrific and I had to fight back the tears reading about the suffering the animals have to endure. It’s up to you what you want to do with this information. In my opinion, you don’t need to eliminate meat completely, but you could start by reducing your meat intake.

Think about it: When eating meat, you also eat antibiotics, growth hormones, sedatives and chemical feed mixtures to keep the animals alive under horrendous living conditions.

Another reason not to eat meat is that the human body is not equipped to digest protein easily. Unlike carnivorous animals, the human body doesn’t have enough hydrochloride acid to break down the meat, resulting in the food to rot in our intestinal tract. Smelling poop is due to food that has been in the body for too long! Putrefied meat becomes a black, rubbery substance called mucoid plaque lining our intestines.

While I worked at a pharmaceutical company, I remember Oncology doctors holding speeches about evidence of the growth of cancer cells from eating red meat. Meat creates an acidy environment in our body, the ideal breeding ground for cancer cells.

Plants are an excellent protein source compared to animal protein if you are worried about not getting enough by cutting out meat. Did you know that edamame beans contain more protein than a steak?

Read more on dairy products and sugars next week of Part II into my journey of becoming a skinny bitch!




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