Posted on October 10, 2013

Mermaids is my iconic fashion movie

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Take an eccentric, single, Jewish mother (Cher) who leaves town at the hint of the slightest problem, add a confused teenage daughter (Winona Ryder) who wants to be a nun but has a healthy case of raging hormones, throw in a precocious younger daughter (Christina Ricci) who amuses herself by seeing how long she can hold her breath under water, mix with a shoe salesman (Bob Hoskins) with the hots for mom and a caretaker from the local convent who is the subject of daughter number one’s hots and you have a mess…and a fair little dramatic comedy produced in 1990!


Mermaids is an excellent movie set in the mid-60’s and my iconic fashion movie because Winona Ryder’s look is absolutley iconic. Long time before It Girl Alexa Chung wore collar and bob, Winona Ryder interpreted the schoolgirl look. This is Wynona Ryder’s best film. She’s so well put in this film. Cher is the great as well as Bob Hoskins. I think everyone should see this film because you will laugh, cry, and be tickled to death by the oscar caliber preformances! Do not miss this film for anything. You’ll treasure it for all time.


To know the movie watch it believe me it is an quirky, entertaining piece!


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