Posted on November 23, 2012

Long-haul flight survival kit

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Tonight we will leave for the summer in Sydney, Australia.  While I’m more than excited to leave dreary winter Europe behind me, I’m terrified of the 24 hour flight!
This is a long time and a huge strain on the body (especially in Economy Class!) Having been through this flight 3 times already, I have developed a survival kit which will lessen the effects of the long distance flight:
1. Water / hot warm tea:
Drinking as much liquids as you can (no alcohol obviously!) really makes a difference to how you feel on arrival. Yes you will have to go to the loo more often, but getting sleep on this long flight in Economy is quite difficult anyway so you might as well walk around (and prevent thrombosis at the same time) to visit the ladies.
Warm liquids like herbal tea will help to moisten your nose which tends to dry out,  suffering from the thin cabin air.
2. Fresh fruit:
Airplane food is not the most nutritious (to put it mildly)  so take fresh food on board to help boost your body’s immune system. 

3. Eye drops without preservatives:
Pressurized cabin air is the culprit of dry eyes: Single use eye drops with no preservatives will be a relief for eyes tortured by cabin air. Stay clear of common eye drops in bottles: they contain preservatives which can further upset your sensitised eyes. 
4. Moisturiser / serum / gels
Pamper your dry skin with lots of topical nutrition: I love Sisley’s Express Flower Gel – it is a mask which will instantly boost hydration and eliminate signs of fatigue. It is so sensitive, it can be used on the eye area too and saves space in your travel bag. 
5. Lip balm: 
The l’occitane Shea butter  lip balm doubles up as a cuticle cream if applied on your cuticles. 
6. Face wipes:
Freshen up with face wipes before you lather on creams.
7. Sea salt nasal spray: Keep your nose  moist with sea salt nasal spray to relieve dryness.
8. Entertainment:
Books, iPad Mini, Kindle: I make sure ill never run out options to occupy myself : 24 hours is a loooong time! 

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