Posted on March 16, 2012

Is Sweet Unsexy?

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Britain’s fashion magazine aficionados are debating the wearability of the sweet, innocent, butter-wouldn’t-melt look of this spring / summer season.

Their contention seems to be that too many pastel colours, pleats, ruffles, and prom dresses apparently turn grown women into girls again and this would lead to us women “not getting laid”.

Is this what it is all about now? Getting laid? You can be sexy without wearing leather and bondage outfits, showing bulging cleavage and naked legs as shown in the fashion shows autumn / winter 2011 before designers turned to the innocent look.

We ARE females,  there’s no point in denying it and shunning lace, broderie anglaise and frills altogether! The 50s sex bombs Sophia Loren et al exuded plenty of sexiness in knee length prom dresses and accentuated waists.

Elle’s fashion designers across the channel celebrate the new fashion trend as the rebirth of seduction and the epitome of sexiness, to the contrary of their English counterparts.

So dear Elle fashion directors: Just remember, if “getting laid” is what’s it’s all about, being too obvious won’t seduce any man worth keeping!

My advice: Keep embracing the femininity  of 2012 and secure the best pieces before the fashion industry turn to bondage again!


Baby blue pleated, knee length dress from the Prada spring / summer 2012 collection

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