Romantique and Rebel, that’s myself and my sister:  We have a passion for fashion that runs in the family. That’s why we started our sisters blog in April 2011. Our blog was not borne from an egocentric desire to share every aspect of our life, but rather from the simple fact that we live fashion, beautiful things and photgraphy.

We often hear: “Wow you are sisters. You are so different!”. Romantique versus Rebel – one loves cats, pastel colours, vichy checks, skirts, ballerinas and ruffled blouses, the other one prefers the minimalistic boyish look, biker jackets, high heels, skinny jeans, pop colours and Joan Crawford movies.

I, Romantique, live in London and love writing about the next uber trends spotted in the fashion capital.

My sister Rebel blogs from Hamburg, with a unique intuition for trends she has developed working in the beauty industry.

When we get dressed for the day, we choose clothes that reflect our personalities.  We follow our instincts. Break the rules, mix high-end with high street, and most importantly, we have fun!







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