Posted on August 16, 2012

Iconic women and cats


I strongly believe that there is a special bond between women and cats – In a recent study, researchers observed that whilst men certainly got along with their cats, there were more interactions between women and their animals. They found that cats were more likely to approach women than men and to do things like jump on their laps to initiate contact. Study author Manuela Wedl of the University of Vienna said that women’s relationships with their cats were also “more intense.”

Far from lonely old women, the most iconic and beautiful women were avid cat lovers. Let’s have a look at one of the most fascinating female celebreties and their love for the feline queens.
Above: Audrey Hepburn loved animals and was the mother of 13 (!) cats. Her  feline co-star in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was Orangey, an orange tabby who is the only feline to win the “Patsy Award” twice, the animal world’s equivalent of the Oscar!

In her world famous rendition of “Diamonds are a girls best friend”, Marilyn Monroe sang that a kiss won’t help you to feed your pussy cat. Off the screen, Marilyn had two cats herself, one of them was called “Mitsou”.

Probably the star most known for her adoration of animals, especially cats: France’s sex kitten Brigitte Bardot dedicated her life to fight for animal welfare.

Not only Jackie Kennedy’s crazy cousins the Beales, known from the cult documentary and HBO movie “Grey Gardens” loved cats – Jacqueline O. was a cat lover herself.

A recent example of beautiful women & cats: Laetitia Casta shot by Karl Lagerfeld for V Magazine September 2012.

Rebel and me with our beloved cat Einskommavier. RIP

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