Posted on May 20, 2012

How to wear a fun bubble skirt

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A bubble skirt, sometimes referred to as a balloon skirt, is gathered at the waist and voluminous towards the hem. It is an hourglass and pearshaped girls best friend as it’s puffed out style can wonderfully hide wide hips and strong thighs while the tight waistband shows off your waist.
A bubble skirt is not really a classic item one must have in their wardrobe, but more of a fashion statement skirt. It can make you look bigger in some instances so just stick to these recommendations and you will sizzle in this statement skirt:
  • A bubble skirt should be made of delicate materials like silk or jersey that skims the body nicely
  • Make sure it has a  bottom skirt underneath and that it is fitted.
  • As this is a statement piece, chose bright colours and patterns rather than a safe colur like beige or black
  • To compensate for the voluminous lower part, team the skirt with a fitted short top that shows the gathered waistline
  • If you wear the skirt with a jacket, make sure it’s short and fitted to the body (see pic 2)
  • Keep the sexiness by choosing a lenghth just above the knees

My pleated bubble skirt with heart pattern is from quirky Italian designer Moschino Cheap & Chic.
Chose a short, fitted jacket to wear with a balloon skirt. My turquoise blazer is from Moschino Cheap & Chic
Eva Mendes is the typical pear shape and looks cute yet grown up in this pink bubble skirt from Dior (note the emphasized waist to compensate for the puffiness of the skirt). Her white bubble dress is paired with high heels to add some length.

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