Posted on July 19, 2011

How to be a Coppola?

Rebel Alexa

Best Cocktail
The Ritz 75 at Bar Hemingway in Paris: gin and Champagne, with a little sugar, OJ, and lemon juice. They have a recipe book, so you can make it at home.

Best Way to Tame Butterflies
If I’m nervous before the premiere of a film, I think of what a friend told me about Muhammad Ali: Before a fight, he would ask himself if he had trained as hard as he possibly could, if he’d done his best. Because that’s all you can do.

Best Advice
When I was about 13, a friend of my parents told me always to be the age you are—don’t try to seem older or younger. And I realized I was a kid trying to act like an adult, instead of experiencing my age. I’ve never forgotten that.

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