Posted on August 19, 2012

How NOT to get stuck in a style rut!


We all are guilty of getting stuck in a style rut now and then – we wear colours and shapes that we know suit us and hardly deviate from that.

I have always hated the colour red as I thought it’s too strong for me and overwhelms my face. And more than red, I don’t like t-shirts with bright patterns on them. So when Rebel gave me this dark red FerreMilano Tshirt with tropical print, I was sceptical whether I could wear it as it’s not my usual style. However,  once I put it on, I felt really comfortable in it and got lots of compliments, not only because the T-Shirt looks good, but also because it’s a refreshing change from my usual pastel, black, white and navy colours.

Use these  brilliant tips from Parisian style icon Ines de la Fressange to ensure you don’t get stuck in a rut:

  • Do not cling blindly to everything that suited you years ago – you have changed, times have changed, fashion has changed too
  • Carry on expressing your personal style, but never let that translate into boredom, a lack of interest in trends, the absence of desire, clinging to habit and routine, fear of change or making a mistake
  • Accept that you will get some things wrong – everyone makes mistake when out shopping. Take it as an encouraging sign that you still dream of re-inventing yourself
  • From makeing radical changes, the Parisian knows how to evolve her style as she gets older.
  •  Sell your crocodile handbag on ebay!

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