Posted on October 13, 2011

HOT at 40

My new favourite comedy sitcom is “Modern Family”, an absolute must-see for those of you who don’t know the TV series yet. Star of the show is Columbian bombshell Sofia Vergara, admired by men for her obvious assets and by women for her exotic beauty and cat’s eyes. I couldn’t believe it when I found out her age: She’s almost 40 (39) and I thought she wasn’t a day over 25!
When asked about her beauty secrets, Sofia revealed she hasn’t eaten red meat in 15 years and she prefers to stay at a healthy weight of 125 pounds (she is 5’7 tall), to avoid looking gaunt when being too skinny. She stays in shape by Salsa dancing and works out regularly whenever her schedule allows it.

Below: Rebel, 40, with no injections and make-up, just red lips!


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