Posted on August 26, 2011

Holidays Beauty must haves

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Tomorrow at this time, I’ll be sipping on a cocktail in Sardinia, woo hooo! I must say I have suffered from a lack of sun during this year’s English summer.

I have tried and tested the above summer holiday beauty products and can only highly recommend them:

  • Lancaster tan maximiser for the face: I’ve been using this face cream for years during my holidays. Lancaster is a pioneer in sunscreen technology and After Sun care and this cream doesn’t only sooth the skin after sun bathing but also stimulates the Melanin production for a longer lasting tan (luckily there is no annoying orange self-tan inside).
  • Good old Nivea after sun body milk: Aloe Vera supplies the body skin with much needed moisture and nutrients.
  • After Sun hair treatment: Ideal for travelling, I like sachets of hair treatments to help the hair recover from straining salt and chlorine water. Try Balea from DM (drugstore in Germany) or the sachets from “Aussie” hair care which also smell nicely of eucalyptus.
  • Caudalie  – Vinoperfect Complextion Correction Radiance Serum: A serum filled with antioxidants and the essence from grapeseeds, this serum keeps my skin soft and perfectly moisurised. It also brightens up the skin and makes me look fresh like after a 11 hour sleep! I use this serum in the morning under my sunscreen to even out dark spots (through hormones) and before going to bed under my night crea.
  • Golden / Bronze / Orange eye shadow (below): These colours make blue eyes POP and also complement brown eyes beautifully. I only wear them in summer as they look best on bronzed skin.
  • Sisley eyeshadow in Mango: Sisley eyeshadows are heavenly: Superfine texture like a cream with a hint of shimmer.
  • Sisley cream eyeshadow in Gold: Best cream shadow I have ever tried as it does not cake or makes the colour stick in the crease. Amazing nice shimmer.
  • Revlon nail varnish in Minted: Let’s see  whether this beautiful mint colour will keep up with the gorgeous looking turquoise of the Sardinian sea.

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