Posted on February 4, 2012

Hello Kitty Forever

Accessoires/ Dresses/ Romantique/ Shirts/ Wardrobe

For her new movie “Young adult”, Charlize Theron is parading around in Hello Kitty attire which made me curious what the movie is about. A comedy about a  writer  for teenage novels in her mid thirties who returns to her hometown in the sticks to win her ex boyfriend over because she feels he is what is missing in her life. The only problem is that he’s  now married with a kid on the way. The movie received glowing reviews so make sure to check out the trailer and the movie!

Hello Kitty is an eternal trend you are never to old to wear! On my travels to Italy (Amalfi coast and Sardinia) there was no escaping from it! Hello Kitty Underwear shops, in each town a hello kitty shop for every item from fashion to household and the most common sight was fashionable Italian young women who wore Hello Kitty helmets on their motorbikes!

Hello Kitty lurking from my Miu Miu straw bag

Hello Kitty sunscreen seen at a Sardinian supermarket

Hello Kitty Shop at Sorrento


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